Friday - Vegas part II...In case you missed it

We're back in Vegas. It seems to be business as usual after the shooting, which is good, but there are still some road closures and a makeshift shrine outside the hotel. The windows on the Mandalay have been boarded up and it's weird to be at the scene of the crime, as it were. We were talking to a girl from Sheffield who's here with her family who were in our hotel when the shooting happened. Her parents had to lock themselves in the toilets of the casino as they had no idea what was happening or where the danger was. Another woman got kicked out of her taxi by the driver when people started to run towards them covered in blood. Utterly terrifying. 

New things I have learned:
Never go surfing without putting sun cream on the back of your legs;
US Harry Potter has different scenes to the UK version :O (massive shock, this one)
Sports bars are where it's at;
Everyone thinks we're Australian;
Everyone in Hawaii is American, Japanese or Korean;
Hawaii should be pronounced Hawa-ee;
Brits love other Brits in Vegas;
If you burn your fingers on a fajita skillet you can't get into your phone. 

My new favourite things:
Maui sweet onion crisps 
Toffee chocolate macadamia nuts
Pineapple with everything
Mango cigars
Nacho Daddy
Cinder cones
Lemongrass Luau

Things I need to come back for:
More black sand beaches
Volcano part II - devastation trail, crater floor walk and crater glow by night
Mauna Loa observatories in a decent vehicle
Ten more chances at the stargazing program at Mauna Kea Visitor Centre (make that fifteen)
Red Rocks Canyon and the dino footprints 

Did I mention that we got married? :))

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