The Acorn Hunter!

It was another busy day here....and it was meant to be a day off!!!!   First of all i had 2 cars drive up the hill...i thought i had the Closed sign out.....then 2 folks whom i did expect came to pick up product.   Since it is now the end of the 2017 season (wooopeeee) i packed up the rest of the stock on the shelves and someone came from the Gallery up in Sydney to collect it !   She also brought a friend who managed to purchase a large amount of pottery before i packed it that was a bonus.

Finally, after doing my daily guided visualization, Terry and i headed out for the late afternoon and evening.....we went to a place we have been before, out in Wycogama, about 1/2 hour away....and had a lovely walk thro the small park there.   Terry decided it was time to collect acorns because he has always wanted oak trees on the property!   So off he went into the bush and managed to collect a nice couple of pocket fulls.  He kept complaining that they were a bit small.....and just a moment later, i looked down on the path we were walking on and there, was the mother of all acorns.....a big sucker for sure!   i felt like i'd hit gold!  He was happy.

Then onto a little place close by for dinner...which was way too much for both of us, but very enjoyable indeed!

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