Juvenile Red Breasted Loon

To the best of my knowledge, after looking at a lot of photos on the internet, this is young Loon in Winter Plumage. 
We put the boat in the water and cruised around the bay this afternoon; we saw lots of different birds: Grebes, Gulls, Albatros, Geese, Cormorants, Egrets and Herons. I chose this shot because I don't think I have seen this bird before on the Bay. 
It was a lovely day without any wind out on the water.....very enjoyable to see all the birds......of course, even without the wind it is difficult to get the boat to sit still, so photography is a bit difficult. Shooting a moving target from a moving boat.......not ideal. But it is the best place to see the most birds.
There wasn't much of a sunset over the bay....maybe tomorrow.

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