Sure To Rise

My baking powder tin is looking rather dilapidated now, but I have been using it for nigh on fifty years. I kept it when the design of the tin was changed to one with a lid that was tricky to open. I simply emptied the new tin into the old one. For many years now the same brand powder has come in a packet, and I go on refilling the old tin.

Edmonds Baking Powder was first made in 1879 by a young, fresh-off-the-ship new settler, Thomas Edmonds,who set up a grocery shop in Christchurch. His motto was “sure to rise.” For many years he had an iconic factory with a wonderful garden. Other baking products were added to the range, and it is said the Edmonds Cookery Book has a place in more New Zealand households than any other publication. Sadly the business was sold and the building was lost but the Council retained part of the garden for public use.

Today has been dark and dank.

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