Yesterday's production, I did another 16 today. Easy when you start with A2 paper and cut it up afterwards. You never know exactly what you'll get - you just chop the paper up and hope for the best - but that's part of the charm.

It is a blustery old day today, not least in Ireland and the NW of the motherland. Hope everyone stays safe, although 2 people have already been killed in Ireland in tree-related incidents. We went to the top of Beacon Hill to look out over the autumn world, and we almost blew away!

Not a house of health at the moment, Keith thinks he has man flu, I have similar aches and runny nose - but he's asleep on the sofa and I'm painting. Each to their own. So, it has been a quiet day for us both, and I suspect an early night will be in the offing. I hope we didn't infect our friends on Saturday.... I can never work out when you are infectious, before? after? during? all of the above?

I bought a pumpkin called Sweet Lightning today, and it is gently roasting in the oven - along with root vegetables and a chicken. A Swedish chicken, which means no salmonella, but also that it's the size of a medium sized pigeon. I wonder how much will get eaten... and how much will become soup!

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