Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

My first car was a red 1275 GT. I was 18 and it was brilliant! That is until it cracked a sump after it took off on a hill, on a back road, and came down with a loud crack! I say, it cracked a sump as though I was not involved.. but I was the 18 year old young driver. I was inexperienced in driving and thought I was invincible. I spotted this little red car, like the one I owned all too briefly in 1972, and was carried back to that time. Now, 45 years on I am a man with many other identities - father, grandfather, husband. Yet in my heart, somewhere, I still am that carefree 18 year old, who had it all to live for, first job, new car, world being his lobster (as Arthur Daly so wonderfully put it) . I can't change that past person and although I am now much older, I still wonder whether that car still around and if so I could I have another drive.........

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