Pond inspection by Molly !

Not so bad today weather wise, warm and dry with sunny spells.
I was out at 9 for the weekly shopping and a visit to the DIY store for some bits and pieces.
Once I'd unpacked and changed clothes I had a welcome coffee before heading to the garden.
I dug up some poisnous mushrooms and they went in the bin.
Then I bit of leaf blowing and sweeping before I went in search of today's Blip with Molly.
She conveniently walked in front as I was shooting the pond stream.
It's come out a little blurred due to motion but I still like the photo.
The electrician is coming at 2pm to fix an indoor dodgy plug and to have a look at an outside lamp that is beyond my repair capabilities.
Then at 5 a visit to the nurses station for my flu jab.
Thanks for dropping in its appreciated and I hope you have good day too.

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