By Jostijn


After the first two shows there were some flares left which had to be burned. 

Honestly, I didn't play that well. I was really afraid on 1,5m stilts. I wasn't able to let go of the tension in my body (upper body has to be firm, lower body loose) so I wobbled over the field.
Another factor was the weather, it is so humid and warm over here (90% humidity and 30°C all day long) that I'm drinking 5 to 6 liters of water a day, just to stay hydrated. 

And the play area wasn't what we expected, the field was grass with a lot of holes in it, so they placed metal track plates over it, which are slippery in rain and feel like 10cm wide when on high stilts... 

Anyway, I had myself to blame for the performance. 
Here's me performing.

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