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By WhysMan2

7 Vital Sparks and many more

A complete contrast with yesterday's image. This is actually a simple piece of wood but George Wyllie drew seven wee puffers, seven wee Vital Sparks on it to represent the seven schools he was visiting and working with in Argyll & Bute in 2000-2001, as part of the Year of the Artist. It's now the treasured possession of someone who took part.

And so it is that the legacy continues. This time with many more schools, in nine local authorities, taking part. Far from simple technology making it possible. There's been a plethora of emails today and a host of ideas from the schools.

I'm wondering how we can create a memento of their taking part, something simple, that would represent what might be 100 bright, vital sparks. But that's a future blip.

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