Brilliant sunshine

This is the light over our kitchen table, glittering and flashing rainbows in the early morning sunshine. It changes, crystals are added or taken away, red things hang off it for Christmas and so on. It goes up and down too, so you can adjust it to suit your mood. It's a fairly frivolous thing that gives me a lot of pleasure.

Things are less good on the health front, I have just cancelled a dentist appointment and an evening activity as I am feeling very strange indeed. Nauseous is not a thing I usually do, so this is a new experience. 

I painted a bit, concentrating on putting  a lot more light and white into the colours - instead of rich darkness like yesterday - but also sweated unexpectedly at intervals. The lovely Keith is like a wrung out rag, much floppier than I am. It's a bug that lays you low all right. It is very poor timing to both be ill at the same time, who is supposed to be caring for who?! (we take turns)

It struck me this morning that the poorly, fed up old people I know perhaps feel this cr*p all the time, in which case it's no wonder they get very low and feel life has nothing more to offer. For us, it will fade and we will be well again but I think that certainty is not something my elderly people feel. Spoke to Keith about it, and found he'd been thinking the same thing. Being ill increases our empathy with other ill people apparently, which is a bonus.

So, tonight I have turned down a hamburger with Rose, and an Iranian film called The Salesman. Tomorrow the leader of the socialist party is visiting the next town, I hope I'm fit enough to go to that!

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