Desperately seeking

By clickychick


It was seeing Pixelfoto's blip of her Sarracenia at the weekend that reminded me that ours had a third flower on it. The plant is doing very well and I felt I should blip it again. It's a pitcher plant, an insectivorous plant.

I was at the studio doing some preparation for a camera club event next week. Getting the studio lights back out as they'd been put away for C-Art, putting some prints back out on display and, most important, tidying up the office so that a couple of models have room to change and do their make-up.

I had brought Sarracenia 'Eva' with me, hoping for some better shots than I could have done at home. Things didn't go as planned. I had wanted a good shot of the deep red flower as it was difficult to isolate it. And, no! The Man would have NOT been pleased if I'd cut it off, not even for a blip!

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