Sari suprise

I bought 4 saris/ Indian dress wraps at the weekend from a charity shop. Handwashed then all tonight and the green one was shedding dye like nobody’s business. This is the water after the 4th rinse. . . The others were fine dyewise except a lovely large one I bought as a potential bedspread smells of formaldehyde so I left it to release its fumes in warm water and quickly vacated the room! It’s drying outside!

Interesting discussion today about Humanist Psychologist Carl Rogers today who is a founder of counselling approaches. We discussed empathy and unconditional positive regard together with the need for genuineness- the ability to be open and self-disclose- without these things in our lives we are not able to grow. It was like revisiting A level psychology and I think I need to take time to re-look at this. Really good discussion

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