Pigeon Man

I have been in Bath today (that's Barth for those in the North) for The Big Day. I have been working on a panel to submit for the Royal Photographic Society's Associateship. It has been hard work, consuming more hours than I ever thought possible and I have needed lots of help and encouragement along the way. Today was the actual assessment and it was scary.

There were five assessors plus a chairman who all looked very closely at the prints - nothing escaped their scrutiny. The success rate is not high so I fully expected to be disappointed. But, my luck was in today and my panel sailed through. Two assessors give their opinions on the panel and then they all vote. The really scary bit is when the chairman stands up to give the result - the moment of no return. I had heard some lovely comments so was reasonably optimistic by that point and delighted to hear that the panel is recommended for the Associateship distinction. I now have to wait for the Society's Council to ratify the decision.

Then it was a long drive home and now we are staying near Gatwick airport in preparation for an early flight to France in the morning. The blip was taken as I was walking back from the RPS through the city centre.

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