A Flicker

Flickers are very large birds who seem rather agreeable with other birds; I don't see them in squabbles and tolerate other birds feeding near by. I love their coloring. I do draw the line if they decide to peck on the siding of my house........I have heard of them making quite large holes in the walls of homes if left to it.  This one was well behaved and simply sat around for awhile. But now it is windy and stormy and all the bird seem to have found shelter somewhere safe..................there will no sunset tonight!!! Oh dear, the lights just flickered, so we may be without electricity soon. I have candles and flashlights....even a lantern or two....so it might be fun for an hour or two. I sure wouldn't want to be without electricity for days.......I suppose we would go buy a generator......if we could find one. I haven't experienced a lack of electricity in years.

I spent most of the day taking measurements and looking up the possibilities for adding another bathroom to our beach house. There are rules about how far a toilet should be from a sink and there are many sizes of showers. We have an area that I have been told would work well since it is already in a large covered patio ......the roofline of the house just continues over the large patios in the front and back of the house. I love this feature because I enjoy the shade......luckily we would still have a reasonable covered patio in the front, even with the new bathroom. It won't be really big, but big enough for a shower, toilet & sink......perfect for quests! I have thoughts about two different arrangements; I will talk to the contractor tomorrow. It will probably be awhile before permits are gotten and decisions are made. Hopefully done before the summer company next summer.

 I am sending this while the electricity is still on. See you tomorrow.

Oh, THANKS for all the Hearts and Stars and sweet comments for my sunset Monday and the Stellar Jay yesterday.  :-))

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