I have been trying forever to get a decent shot of a Kingfisher. I encountered this male Belted Kingfisher, the only kind found in North America, at the Circle B Bar Ranch here in Florida.  I am here for a few days dealing with some family business and got up very early this morning for some time out at one of my favorite places.  I find these birds so elusive, so was very pleased to see this one perched fairly close while I was in the hide.

If you have time please have a look at my extra photo.  This is a bobcat that I encountered while I was there, and it scared the dickens out of me.  It's not very sharp because of my shaking hands and knees. I saw it in the distance and automatically started to shoot.  Then I stopped to figure out what I was going to do.  Would it be frightened of me or would it attack?  As it started to move towards me, I decided to move, hoping that might scare it off and it did. Then I immediately regretted I didn't get more shots.  

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