a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Hay Bales

Abstract Thursday: Hay Bales

We popped out to the Gorge de la Cesse near Minervois for a walk during a gap in the rain today.  The weather has been a bit unsettled, to say the least, there was a thunder storm last night and we have some more thunder ongoing at the moment.

I've taken a shot of some hay bales and given it a tweak in Affinity Photo for this week's Abstract Thursday challenge.  The extras include a shot of the Gorge itself and a shot of John, Wendy and Janet all practising the Haka.  At least, that's what it looks as though they are doing.  I could tell you what they were really doing but then I would have to kill you ....

(The hay bales themselves, without any of that Affinity faffing about, are in the last extra)

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