Indoor play

It's all down to lynnfot and her inspiration! Thanks Lynn, I had fun.

Today I put the paints away, almost, and got out the many boxes of pastels, oily, very oily and some chalky ones. I drew one line with the chalky ones and back they went in the box. Yuck! The dryness is horrible! I've never got on with them... I could try gloves.

Anyhow, I played for 3 hours this afternoon, and made 4 separate pieces that I then chopped up on my trusty guillotine. They became 2 dozen double-sided cards, or little art works if you prefer. Who knows what it's all about? Exploring, rediscovering, making marks, playing with colours and shapes...

We're not quite as useless as yesterday, having actually made a tip in the car to buy milk. Still feeling off, hot and cold and generally moany. Lovely company for each other. 

We decided sharing our bug with all the socialists in the area was not an option so have not gone to hear Jonas Sjöstedt speaking in Kramfors. I bet he's good, but it was better to stay at home. So, we're listening to Penguin Café Orchestra and have eaten a gentle rice and curry meal. I'm guessing another early night is on the cards.

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