Proper frost

Woke up to a garden covered in white! The extra is the garden furniture, looking less attractive somehow. This is some of the garden right beside the front door, Geum leaves looking dressed in lace and ready for the ice ball.

I love the delicacy of frost, and the light it creates. It lasted all day in places that don't get direct sun. When I walked down from my work room at 6.15 the grass was shattering under my feet. Tinkling sounds in the chilly air.

We made a valiant effort to be more like normal people today, despite still feeling a bit weird. We changed the wheels on the teeny weeny car. It's now equipped with winter wheels which will be handy now the frost and black ice has put in an appearance. I don't remember a year where we have got the first frost as late as this. We put more anti-freeze into the windscreeen washing reservoir too. If you've been caught out once you tend to learn that one.

I did some more painting later in the afternoon, but there's nothing to show as yet. I think it's a background for some more pastel play. For once I had an idea in my head and worked from that. (trees, skylines, Portugal's colours, heat.) I generally have only very loose ideas about things before I begin. 

It still fascinates me how creativity works, after spending about 50 years at it. More and more ideas pop up as you work, if you don't work they dry up... It seems like Picasso was right - "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." Works for me anyhow.

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