A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Coffee Jug

I don't think many would guess this coffee jug was made in Nigeria. It was made at the Abuja Pottery in the mid 1960's. The pottery was set up by Michael Cardew when he was asked to become the 'Pottery Officer' for the Nigerian authorities.

The aim was to improve the local work and give them a livelihood. In 1965 Cardew retired and a past student of his, Michael O'Brien, took over. At this time the pottery was expected to make its own way. 

O'Brien was given a role of art teacher at the school opposite the pottery by my late father-in-law who was the headmaster. This helped him continue the work which has led to some very famous potters being trained there.

One such potter was Ladi Kwali who is depicted on the Nigerian 20 Naira bill.

The extended family have a treasured collection of pots, mugs and bowls from the pottery.

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