A lazy day today looking at kitchen stuff, walking Archie and watching an episode or three of the new series of Grey's Anatomy.
Mr K came home early so we could head to Miss L's school for parent's evening.
It didn't begin well when the headmistress met as at the door to sign people in and, having scanned her list a bit frantically, asked "what class is she in?"
Mr K and I both just stared at her without replying, watching her scanning her list more frantically. I wasn't convinced she even knew which child's name she was looking for. It's a small school and I would expect the head to know which class "she" is in.
She found Miss L's name eventually and directed us over to the teacher.
Usually when we sit down teachers say something nice about whichever of the Little Misses we're discussing. We've been lucky enough not to have any major academic or behavioural issues so it's generally been very positive and the teachers have obviously thought highly of the Little Miss - or convincingly pretended to!
This evening we sat down and the teacher said gravely "is there anything you want to talk to me about? Any issues?"
Er, no.
"It's just that Miss L is quite quiet; quite reserved"
Er, really??????????
"Is she not like that at home then?"
Except that it's not funny, it's a bit worrying. 
She's doing OK - ahead of where she "should be" in maths and English, blah blah blah. 
Not the most inspiring of parent's evenings. Sigh.
We picked up Miss L from after school club and headed to Miss E's school for fireworks. So much more enjoyable!!
There were fairground rides - a little big wheel and swingboats, hotdogs, jacket potatoes, mulled wine, beer and candy floss. And the most amazing fireworks display. Just brilliant!!
Miss E spent most of the night with her friend Miss J and I got chatting to her mum. They were only new in September and it was nice to meet them. Miss E's going round next week for a play which will be good. She's feeling a bit lost at school without Miss M.

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