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By Sallymair

Now you see it....

This is the Cordyline I blipped a couple of days ago. The left hand picture is the 'before' and the right hand the 'after'.
Feeling a little better today and having spent the last several days peering at it through the bedroom window I decided it was time to have a go at removing it.
Having put it off for months, it took me only about 5 minutes to saw half way through the trunk, then with the aid of Colin who took over for the last few cuts while I pulled it to open the cut, it was gone.
Now it's 6 foot shorter, we'll have decide what to do with the trunk. In the meantime, I'm watching, camera at the ready, to see if any wildlife spots our new, natural effect, posing post!

Have to be careful though, I'm clearly not as better as I thought I was, as I had to go and lie down for an hour afterwards... ridiculous!

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