Lost in Thought

By steveng

Musical Notes (MM196)

I won't claim to be at all musical .... although Rachel plays the clarinet, double bass and sings, Gill sings, has a go at the flute,  and Stuart plays the guitar and bass.  I can just about sling three chords together .... occasionally in the right order and sometimes in time! 

I will claim some credit for Rachel & Stuart's eclectic musical tastes which were developed by cleaning the house to AC/DC,  Iron Maiden, Queen and The William Tell Overture  :-)

Gill has recently changed choral societies and will be singing with  Stour Singers who are based in Shipston on Stour.  They are working on Bach's Cantata 191 for Christmas, this is an old library copy she bought to make notes on.

My contribution was to buy her the magnets which keep the pages from flying about and the magnetic pencil holder ... I do have my uses!

Having looked at the page again while tidying up, I now have Van Morrison's Gloria stuck in my head ....

Thanks again to JDO for hosting mono Monday and setting the themes.

Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's effort on top of the breezy Malverns, all much appreciated. Sadly, no more Ariadne or James blips for a while.

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