Tippy Top

I went to the gardens today with my tripod to work on landscapes.  The fall color isn't at peak, but still beautiful.  I thought it would be ideal since the sky is bright blue, with puffy clouds.  Little did I realize that all of the skies would be blown out.  It must have been one of those situations where a filter (ND?) was called for.  I'll mess around with them in LR a bit and see if I can reclaim the sky, but that will have to be for another day.

I was packing up to get in the car when I saw a large bird in the very top of a tree.  I tried to ignore it, but the pull of a bird photo was just too great.  I figured if it would wait long enough for me to change lenses and get over there, then it was meant to be.  He preened up there for a while and gave me a chance before a garden worker approached to see what I was aiming at.  At course that was the moment the heron decided to fly away.  Oh well, my shutter speed probably wasn't quite fast enough to get him in flight anyway.

I'm enjoying going through the Tiny Tuesday images for this week.  As always, you have made the selection process very difficult.  I will post my favorites with my blip on Friday.  Let's add a theme to the challenge for next week.  The theme will be circle.  Of course it is totally optional, so feel free to post a TT shot of your choice.  The tag for next week (October 31) will be TT127.
( I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself since I haven't even gotten through this week yet! )

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