By hjarald

All the Pigeons on the Dam*

The Dam in Amsterdam is the main square in front of the Palace. It's a popular place for people to gather and enjoy the views whilst sitting on the pavement in front of the National Monument.

But, they are not the only species that populate this square by hundreds, so are these flying rats aka pigeons.

 I don’t know why but being here always remembers me of a song officially called Shalalie shalala, (but commonly referred to as ‘*Alle duiven op de Dam’) by the Dutch folk singer duo Gert & Hermien Timmerman in 1971.

For the record… I don’t really like the song. ('Really don't' would be the proper way to express my feelings, but I'm trying to stay polite ;-) ) 

It’s one of those things you hate but can’t get it out of your head once something, memory or person brings it up and it keeps repeating and repeating all day after. Dare to listen? Just click this link ;-)

Have a nice day!

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