The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Air Mail x 3....

It is alway nice to get letters, especially Airmail Letters, Yesterday I got three all full of Stamps, beautifulblue sent me these all the way from South Africa, what a great present, Many Thanks, I will put them to good use.
What a great site this is when total "stranger" send you things out of the Blue, just wonderful. Of course I think we all consider each other as friends on here anyway.

My collection has been appraised and I have been offered enough to buy the Canon 5D MKII even with a 24-105 mm lens on, but it is less than I was hoping for so I have asked the dealer to reconsider his price, a little more and I can up grade my PC too.

Lets hope for the best.

Going out tonight with the caravan club members.

Comment Later.

BTW thanks for all your comments on yesterdays Blip.

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