Reflections for a 2000th Blip

A superb day with the naturalist, Eric Dragesco, and his wife June, to show me where the bearded vultures and golden eagles nest (see extra) near this lake at Derborence.

Days In the mountains have always been important for me, either with others or on my own. Blipping has pushed me in the direction of mountain wildlife photography (thanks for the presents for the playing chamois yesterday by the way) and this takes up so much time which means I have less time for other things and people too. I used to have a map in my head, of this area, now that map has animals and birds engraved on it, (and flowers, Tony). Your appreciative comments have been such an encouragement to me, thank you so much.

I might have to do less in the future though, even miss out a day or two and/or load up a week's photos at a time, so I have more time for the other things and people in my life. I guess most blippers arrive at that conclusion at some point. I love dipping into your journals and have learned so much from so many of you, not least that when the chips are down, some people are ready to step in and help, especially our 4 "Blip saviours".

I am staying near Caldbeck for a few days in mid November and have kept 15th November free of commitments if any Lake District blippers want to meet up. I shall have a car. Any suggestions of a meeting spot gratefully received.

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