HMS Jackdaw

We both slept late.  It was a lovely morning, sunny and mild (but breezy), so I went out for a run and ran just over five miles.  Running back straight into the wind was hard work though.  The views made up for it.  We pottered for the rest of the morning, with BB kicking a football in the park and then spending time at the skate park. After lunch we went for a walk, re-tracing some of my run, to check out where some of the other paths went to.  We ended up walking back along the coastal path from Kilminning.

I conjured up a quick curry for tea, and we settled down to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, a DVD which was in the house, and which we watched when we were here last year!

I ran past this site, then we walked past it this afternoon.  Left over from the war – HMS Jackdaw/HMS Bruce.

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