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After (Friday 27th October 2017)

This is the sequel to my blip of 28th August when I photographed Archie shortly after a bollard had leaped into the road as I was driving past. The earliest it could be booked in at the body shop was last Tuesday, so I dropped it off there on Monday night, and picked it up at the end of the following day, restored and polished to its former glory.

It was too dark to photograph that evening, and by the time I got to to take this blip it had been mud-spattered by Wiltshire's back roads, but the scratches have clearly disappeared.

I was stuck at home all day waiting to sign for a parcel (shelving for the loft), so this was a good opportunity to record Archie. I did also get some shots of Smokey enjoying autumnal sunshine on a garden chair.

28.10.2017 (1308 hr)

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Taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 [RAW]

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