Another ...

It was odd to wake up this morning to a clear blue sky and almost no wind, after what feels like weeks of nothing but gales and general greyness. The price of that, of course, was a distinct chill to the air, which prompted a ridiculous amount of procrastination around the right number and type of layers to wear for a bike ride. Energy levels still low, and decision-making still slow, a late departure at least meant that some clouds had bubbled up by the time I was returning back past the familiar tump. I'm repeating myself again, but landscapes with no clouds just don't quite do it for me. Another in a series which is likely to go on running!

Had a visit from the delightful Sarah in the afternoon, en route back to New Zealand after another year of adventure. We enjoyed a lovely tour of the moor in the company of Reegan the Yorkshire Terrier, who got the longest walk of his eight-year-old life. Circumstances have conspired against us getting out together much recently, but he certainly made up for it today and was totally up for visiting the Cow and Calf, the Cairn, White Wells and the Lower Tarn. He still doesn't much like water, presenting a rather comical sight as he stands waiting on the other side of deep puddles and streams, weighing up his options, a rather pathetic look on his face. "Seriously?" he says with his eyes, before accepting the fact that we're walking on and he actually only has the one option. He steels himself and gets it over with as quickly as possible. He's such a plucky little fellow.

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