Bouquetin National Geographical Experience!

In total we saw about 25 mature male bouquetins on 3 ridges of a very steep hillside today. The background of the Grand Combin in the distance was stunning. (Close up shots in extras). Unfortunately we also came across 2 groups of hunters who told us they had permission to kill an old, solitary, male which we had noticed as we traversed around the mountain. We did not tell them where it was of course, but later, as we were observing this bouquetin group, there was a shot, very upsetting.

Most of the best of the day's photos are on my Flickr account.

Thanks again for so many positive comments etc. for my 2000th blip, two days ago, as well as yesterday's blip. I just cannot answer you all personally but I have certainly read, and appreciated, them all.

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