Bourne Rugby Union Football Club today . . .

England . . . well maybe not tomorrow, but you never know.
I was going to blip the windy leaves shot at extra, but I just couldn’t relegate to extra or somewhere else this fortuitous shot of Ollie I captured when setting up the camera this morning.  This is virtually SOOC – just an exposure adjustment and a crop.  I pointed the camera at two objects to see how fast the auto-focus was with the Tamron 150-600 and this was the second.  The auto-focus worked well through the practice, unfortunately the match had been cancelled great shots of tries and the like.
The extra was the result of last nights wind.  I had left the dustpan and brush out after cleaning up the BBQ, and the wind managed to blow leaves into the pan, and dropped some in the lee behind the brush.  Now you just can’t waste a shot like that, can you?
Also at extra is a proper comparison of the Tamron 150-600 at the same settings (speed and focal length plus light) between hand-held with the anti-wobble on, and on the tripod with the anti-wobble off.  Well I’m impressed, which is just as well as I paid for the lens . . .

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