Rare visitor

In fact it's a first.
We were sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast when Keith thought he saw a thrush. Wait a minute, it isn't a thrush - it's a hawk! Sitting in the tree where the bird food hangs all winter, a sparrow hawk. Presumably on his way south, following the coast. it has been really windy today so we wondered if he was resting a bit after a battering. His feathers were ruffled mightily from time to time as a gust swept through.

We know it's a he as it is tiny, the female is a lot bigger and isn't content to grab sparrows. She goes for pigeons! He was really interested in all the little finches, turning his head all over the place to keep track of them. They, on the other hand, went nowhere near the food till he'd flown off. So we didn't witness a kill, but saw some preparatory staking out. Very exciting.

The photo was taken through a somewhat grubby window, I was sure he'd be off if I opened it. I had a stuffed version of this little fellow in my art room, with another 5 birds. He is a tricky one to draw as he has all that speckled pattern on his chest, and a sleek shape offering few distinguishing features. In the end, after far too many students had been disappointed with their drawings, I stopped taking him out. The magpie and the grebe were a lot more rewarding!

Keith's version and story is here:
keith's hawk

We have been feeling more energetic today - thankfully. Went to town, did some shopping and walked at Sälsten, to get a good look at the waves. You can see them, and the lovely sunshine in the extra.The windy day was bitterly cold and really exhilarating. We had full winter gear on today, being very wimpy this early in the season. after a while this will feel like a mild day, just around freezing. 

We spoke about Portugal as we wandered onthe blustery beach, and the idea of living there through the dreadful months, pondering on how much we'd miss the gorgeous snow. We are getting less and less proper winter, so the thought of a southern winter is becoming more interesting. 

Apparently the far right neo-nazis have been sticking up their dreadful decals all over town, including the Socialist party's door and window too. Loathesome to think there are active sympathisers for this deeply undemocratic group in our little town. There was some sort of a rally in the next town south this weekend, scary demonstrations that upset many of us. In Gothenburg there was a demonstration (without a permit) and an elderly lady on a mobility scooter parked in front of them tooting her horn madly. Brilliant. 

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