Blipping Forty

By Elspeth

Crummock Water from High Stile

The weather forecast today was superb and so the plan to have an easyish walk was shelved and we decided to head higher and do the ridge walk along the west side of Buttermere, High Crag, High Stile and Red Pike.  It's a few months since we did any serious hill walking and no matter how fit you might be with cardio and strength training, hill walking puts quite different demands on your body!  The wonderful views helped to take our mind off of our tired legs and we had a fantastic days of walking in beautiful autumn sunshine.  There was a chill breeze on the ridge but we were well wrapped up so it wasn't a problem.  

Thank you so much to everyone of you who has stopped by to comment, sprinkle stars or faves on my five year blip day.  It is very much appreciated!!  I will catch up in the next couple of days.    

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