Enjoying the Warm Day

Sure has been a lovely warm day with some reports saying it was 28c in the city while others are saying 26c. It felt like 28c at times.

My friend was visiting me today and she got a little lost in getting here but found her way in the end. She didn't want to do any walking and wanted to see the city centre as she hadn't been in there for a year or more.

I drove around the city showing her all the new buildings. My friend shifted into her new place at the end of last year and has been looking for some furniture. So we called to into Smith City and she found what she was looking for. Now it is checking the right size before she gets it.

After that we went and had lunch a new cafe that had just opened near where I use to live. My friend isn't into photography so I never got any shots while I was out. My only big rose had to be my blip for today as it was looking so beautiful in the sunlight.

I was pleased when my friend texted me when she got home..and she never got lost this time. We live on opposite sides of the city now. Before it was just a few minutes drive away.

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