Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1101. BCAM30 - Makeup box!

This is my pink makeup box in my bedroom....I forgot that I had such a bright pink item in my house!

Our usual housework day passed yesterday as we were still shattered after our now a day late we’re going to do the housework!

I hope I can find a pink item for tomorrow having managed something for the whole’s been an excellent challenge and a great way to support breast cancer awareness month.....

From the 1st November I’m going to drop to weekly Blips for a while up to Christmas just to see how it goes....I’m also going to look again at the Panasonic FZ-2000 this morning as I’m considering selling my GX8 and all the lenses....I am finding that my hands are not really up to changing lenses safely any more and having had a near miss with my telephoto lens a while back...I think it’s time to have a rethink....

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