Back in time and looking forward.

Playing with some photos from the achive during the evening. I planned to do some work this evening, but I really don't feel like doing that right now, so I've switched to photography related things to do instead. Work will still be there tomorrow I guess.

I found one photo of the last trip to Scotland with Herman and Ron, earlier this year (April 20th to be exact). It's shot on the day of our arrival at the Clachaig Inn, at walking distance from the inn. I just now found out that on our walk there we must have passed the filmlocation of Hagrid's hut as well.... a pity I didn't know back then.
We had a few great days there. Normally we go there this time of the year, but this year we decided to go in April.

But since good habits shouldn't be broken, we still will travel this time of the year also. I less than two weeks we'll be going to Hamburg (Germany) for a few days to capture some city- and harbourscapes.
I'm looking forward to it very much. A bit 'out of the comfort zone' and nowhere near scenes we had in Scotland, but I have no doubt we'll have fun as usual.

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