Giddy up

Up with AR and made her breakfast etc, then took Mx when he woke to let them sleep a bit. Seems they had a mixed night-he had one just over 2 hour stretch of sleep but then he was awake for long stretches each time he fed. He’ll settle down no doubt. He certainly seemed more awake this morning than he has done other days-and we had a little moment where we locked eyes-seemed like he actually saw me  for the first time.
Spent most of the day with AR-shopping then batch cooking for their freezer interspersed with playing with her. She concentrates (on drawing/sticking or with cars or her doll’s house mainly) for ages, focussing on whatever she’s doing,  but also likes racing about giggling with her ball or hobby horse. After a quick cup of tea with K I set off on the long drive home. Swear this journey gets longer! Straight to bed....

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