Once In A Green Moon!

Mrs B is a very intelligent lady (honest) and is the bastion of common sense in nearly everything (myself being the obvious exception) but the very mention of the words "Moon Landings" is swiftly followed by the words "Aye Right"!

Although not a fully paid up member of the Flat Earth Society, she has serious doubts over man's ability to put an Astronaut or Cosmonaut on the Moon at all, never mind back in the 60's when mobile phones were years away and folk communicated via two tins and a bit of string.

Still when asked how's she going to decide on the her great dilemma tonight, to watch her beloved Celtic vs Bayern Munich or the final of GBBO, she thinks the 'Tic are in with a shout and it would be hard to miss it!!!

It's Halloween tonight so if you're out there trick or treating guising then have fun :-)

Me?.......... I'll be happy to be able to go about for that one day of the year without my mask on :-))

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