By Bella888

Strange wild contraption, puzzling

Another sunny day (yesterday). Took train to Southampton, for Ikea and West Quay.

Needed a new duvet as our existing recently purchased, otherwise fab only 4 Tog duvet, is synthetic and I get too hot.

I purchased the last one about 3 months ago when I realised our Ikea’s beds need European size bed linen (surprised the EU never standardised bed sizes!). Could never understand why the duvet covers never ‘filled’ properly.

Frustrating to need to replace so quickly, but decided to buy their 4 Tog Feather filled duvet which was surprisingly inexpensive. Will put the others in the spare room.

On the way back, came upon this weird wild contraption sitting at the top of a very tall lamppost. Went to take a look and saw a metal tag mentioning CCTV. Someone had fun designing it. Blipped, not expecting much, but it came out quite well. And used some artistic licence too.

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