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By ajt


Went into work today. On paper my rail/bus connections were good, in practice it was crowded, noisy, smelly, expensive and very close on time. However I made it there and back and while many things would have been easier to do from home, it is good to see people from time to time and you can resolve a lot of issues face to face quicker than you can via email.

Today's blip is a metal poppy pin. It's that time of year again. I'm rather conflicted with the poppy appeal thing, on the one hand a lot of people fought and died or were injured for this country - many against their wishes and they deserve our recognition for that. On the other hand the government's moral duty is to look after them properly to start with, and sadly a lot of politicians of dubious honour wrap themselves up the poppy at this time of year rather debasing the whole thing.

I think you should be free to contribute if you want or not and you should be free to show or not show that you have contributed. I don't think it's something that anyone should sit on their high horse (including me) and pontificate about.

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