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This is the village green at Broadway, photographed "in the round" when R and I popped over for coffee (and, I confess, cake) at lunch time today. I wound up going twice around the war memorial, because just as I was setting up my composition a woman in a huge car came and parked illegally right next to it, almost running me down in the process; R suggested that I should kick her door take my shots anyway and try to clone out the car later, which I grumpily did, but when I got back to my starting point I discovered that she'd gone, so I made another circuit. I'd already been twice around a tree a little further up the street, and by this stage a few people were starting to look at me in a rather sideways manner, so we called it a day and came home.

Processing-wise, I used the Find Edges filter on several of my layers; turning them into linear representations meant that I could try to represent all the buildings around the green without losing too much of the base image. I may have overused the effect a little, but I do quite like the way this has turned out. There was also much faffing with opacity and blending modes: Hard Light seemed to work well here, but I also used Linear Burn a couple of times.

The tree, if you'd care to see it, is here.

Other than Photoshop fartnarklery and cake, the day has involved some financial stuff (including submitting my cashback claim to Canon, which I'm happy to say they accepted within half an hour of me uploading the form), a brisk walk (because cake), and choir. Finzi..... sheesh.....

Plus, I've worn myself to a frazzle, scrolling through your Mono Monday entries over and over and over and over..... trying with increasing desperation to find some that I liked less than others. Many thanks for all your animal photos - I wish that I'd had twenty hearts to hand out, but sadly I didn't; the five I did have went (in no particular order) to:


My Honourable Mentions this week go to:


Please do take a look at all of these (they're best viewed full-screen, if you have the time), and show them some appreciation. Next week the Mono Monday chair will be occupied by Marlieske, who says: "The theme for next Monday will be a frog's eye view and the tag = #MM198. Thank you and I'm looking forward to your MonoMonday Blips..."

And it's good night from me.

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