Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

A bit of bother

Many years ago there was a programme on TV that tested people's powers of observation (I seem to think it was hosted by Cliff Michelmore?). They would play a dramatised crime scene and then ask the viewers questions about what they had seen. The scene was then played again so you could see how much or little you had remembered; an early 'interactive' programme.

I was reminded of that this morning as I was driving to the garage to take my car in for service. I was in a queue of stationary traffic when a cyclist came past my car, stopped by the car in front and started shouting at it and bashing it. The driver of the car got out and punched the cyclist, and pretty soon they were knocking seven bells out of each other. Now, what I saw was the cyclist starting the trouble, whereas W (who was in the car behind me to pick me up after I'd dropped off my car at the garage) said she'd incorrectly thought the car driver had opened his door and the cyclist had hit it.

Of course, there's bound to be more to it. Presumably the car driver had done something to upset the cyclist earlier; maybe driven too close to him? Or maybe the cyclist had pulled out in front of the car causing him to take evasive action? I'll never know unless I read about it in the paper, and somehow I suspect the two involved won't be coming to any agreement.

Police were called and I took this to get the number plate just in case the driver 'did a runner' but other motorists blocked them in. I've faffed with it to protect the innocent (and the innocent until proven guilty!).

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