More Deer

We were up at 0430 hours this morning and at Addenbrookes Hospital in plenty of time, arriving at 0605 hours. Soon after we were admitted to the ward it was clear that something was not quite right. We soon found out that their computers were not talking to each other and therefore blood could not be released for operations. Several patients were sent home around 1000 hours. Ever hopeful they kept my husband and two others on the ward; those two were already in their gowns with the sexy white stockings on. At 1230 hours we, along with the other twin the ward and many more throughout the hospital, were told that the computers would not be up and running until 2000 hours! My husband’s operation will now be rescheduled in the next twenty-eight days. All of the Addenbrookes theatres and there are quite a lot were silent except for those patients who were already on the table, the rest were sent home. Thousands of ward staff, surgeons, theatre staff and general admin workers etc, were standing around with nothing to do. Then the powers that be, wonder why the NHS is in so much trouble!  
Our daughter was going to meet me, once my husband had gone to theatre, but as this did not happen we met her in Scotsdales Garden Centre for lunch. After that I purchased the Christmas Day crackers as well as one of the second hand books, which Scotsdales sell with the proceeds going to the cancer charity that they support. This one has 1,000 recipes in and was more expensive than most, but still a bargain at £5.
Today’s picture is of one of Scotsdales Christmas outdoor displays, just in case we forget what the real deer in our garden look like!

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