A Grand Day Out

Today has felt like a holiday. I know that's an odd thing to say, now that I'm working much less than in the past and the work I do is to suit my own timetable, but somehow there hasn't been as much time for leisure as I'd maybe fondly imagined. Anyway, today we set off along the Invertrossachs Road for a good walk by Loch Venachar. It was looking its autumnal best with blue, blue sky, trees of copper, red and gold and the cold water as still and calm as could be. In fact the only thing to mar this wonderful scenery was the ancient leg of deer which the dog proudly found and chewed. It did not smell good and neither does he. Lunch at Venachar Lochside then a cup of tea in Callander. I bought a winter coat too.

Because today has felt like a holiday I'm blipping a picture postcard scene. Eat your heart out J Arthur Dickson.

Yoga tonight. Lunch included chips and the cup of tea did not come alone so as ever a bit of exercise is much needed.

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