All good gifts around us

I am reminded of the joke:

Doctor doctor, everyone says I'm weird because I like sausages.
           That's not weird, I like sausages too.
Really? Do you want to see my collection?

This is one of my favourite stamps, bought a year ago for the owl.  I bought another recently and Googled who it was commemorating.  Matthias Claudius was a German poet and journalist, who edited the newspaper Der Wandsbecker Bothe.  He wrote the poem Death and the Maiden which Franz Schubert.set as one of his lieder.  Another of his poems, originally with seventeen verses, was translated as We Plough the Fields and Scatter.

(The stamp was designed by Reinhart Heinsdorff  who died aged 98 in 2002 and who had also designed some of the German coins.)

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