By PhDlife

Security Review

Had an incident recently when someone walked right through my garden about 10pm at night. I was sitting in my car and had just switched the lights off to get organised to transfer into my wheelchair when it happened.
I got a real fright and it seems the chap was using it as a short cut to the estate behind us. I realised how open our whole plot was and given it sits in a quiet and dark spot, thought we should review our security.
So plan of action is to actually shut the driveway gates at night while exploring electronic gates. Second was to make sure we leave the sensor/security light on and thirdly add in 24 hour CCTV security cameras. Today J and my brother fitted them and we can access them 24/7 from anywhere using our mobiles.
Sounds a bit like overload but to be honest it’s all fairly common sense and CCTV is discreet.
On another note I completed 2 more of my field work interviews. Just to transcribe them and great to see continued PhD progress.

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