Life in a Northern Town

By kagsy


Sarah needs to get some work experience as part of her course but it’s not easy to convince places to take her. I contacted Meltham Wildlife Rescue and they said they they’re a small undertaking without the resources to constantly supervise volunteers, so I agreed to go along and volunteer too.

So I spent my Sunday clearing out cages and aviaries, getting my ankles nibbled by a goose and being divebombed by flappy wood pigeons. It was great fun. We also got to clean out the numerous hedgehogs that are currently in residence as they’re too sick or small to hibernate. That was a joy. The fellow in the picture was a death’s door earlier this week and is now recovering well - what a cutie.

The rescue centre is run by a husband  and wife team along with volunteers, they do an incredible job on very limited resources and are completely  comitted to the welfare of sick and injured wild creatures. I am in awe of their dedication.

I’m also knackered and very smelly.

Thanks for the kind words and hearts for yesterday’s Blip you lovely people.

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