By Jostijn

Home Alone

Some good news today! Last Friday I did an audition with my band Lieve Louise en de fanfare and we have passed to the next round. It will be at the end of this month and we'll have 20 minutes to show our program. I am really happy about it!

Eline has three concerts today and I have nothing in my agenda but I did do some post-processing of a photoshoot I did last week. The theatre company is posting the photos (the first four) already and I am really proud that they chose me for the job.

This is our living room, while the sun is setting outside. It gives such a nice and warm glow to everything. 

Meanwhile, there is a new boy moving in next door and I think he brought his whole family. It sounds nice and pleasant with mother and children chattering. Much better than the other neighbors, who are always fighting each other. They are screaming, throwing things, slamming the doors. Even at 7 in the morning, on sundays. 

See you tomorrow!

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