121 Years....

....of guard duty!
This Lion, along with 7 others, is located at Lake Park, which sits up on the bluffs above Lake Michigan. In 1896 two footbridges were built to cross the ravines that separated the northern and southern parts of Lake Park. Between the bridges is a small courtyard that's bounded by pedestals that hold an iron chain, & just beyond the courtyard is North Point Lighthouse (both in the extras). There are two sandstone lions at the northern entrance, two at the southern entrance, and two pair in the courtyard entrances. I'm pretty sure I've blipped one of the lions before. I was hoping, since it was so foggy this morning, that I could catch the lighthouse in the fog, but by the time we got there the fog had moved out over the Lake. 
Today was the last chemo day for this series--3 weeks off now, and Tom's lab draws have been decreased to just once a week, so we won't have to drive to the hospital quite as often!

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