A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins

No one knows my Plan

evening all,

An Allegorical Tale:

We re-homed the budgie the other week.

It's an old budgie, and you know how it is with old folks, she was looking a little bit grey around the feathers, we had noted that she was missing her steps a few times and occasionally falling from the high perch,

and she was rattling around a big old draughty cage, built for two but since the  death of the male bird she has drifted around the space, slightly lost.

We did the things you're supposed to do, we visited a bit more, took her out a bit more often, but you know how it is, work gets in the way and we sort of slightly took her for granted a bit and our  visits dropped off a bit.

Finally, with heavy heart we decided that the time was right to re-house her, so we packed up all her possessions, threw out some of her less memorable possessions( to us) and downsized her,

we didn't give her much of an option but we know what is best for her don't we?

After all. she is old and doesn't warrant much of an opinion.

So we moved her, she didn't really want to go, and in fact put up a bit of a struggle which got a bit heated, but our will prevailed and she was incarcerated in a lovely new home, smaller, tighter and less homely admittedly,
but hey, she'll settle in (or die), as it often is with the old, a case of "forgotten but not gone."

So she mopes around, not eating much, no longer singing or looking after herself, just staring through the bars, waiting for god whilst we all run around and wait for life.......

Oh, what fun to be old in this lovely society.

night all

Bad Religion

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